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Wang Xinbin: Animating Dreams Wang Xinbin: Animating Dreams
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Wang Xinbin: Animating Dreams

Nestled at the crossroads of imagination and technology, a new generation of artists is painting their visions for the future. Among these creative minds is Wang Xinbin, an alumna of Limkokwing University, who earned her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation. Xinbin has mastered the art of storytelling through the intricate dance of light and shadows and is poised to leave a significant imprint on the world of animation.

Many colourful projects marked Xinbin’s transformative journey at Limkokwing University. The standout, “Animation Production,” is a testament to her artistic ingenuity. This group venture was a rich blend of diverse animation techniques, offering Xinbin a canvas to explore the depths of her creativity. She remembers this project as an experimental ground, a space where even the most unconventional ideas were seeds for boundary-pushing narratives.

Xinbin gracefully overcame the hurdles of tight deadlines and steep learning curves, saying, “to overcome them, I established set realistic milestones, allowing me to manage my time effectively and address any conflicts promptly.” These experiences shaped her, refining her problem-solving abilities, enhancing her creativity, and fostering a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Xinbin attributes a significant part of her growth to the experimental freedom provided by Limkokwing University. Here, her unconventional ideas were allowed to flourish, nurtured by the guidance of supportive lecturers. She reminisced, “what I have enjoyed the most about studying Animation at Limkokwing University is the freedom to experiment and push creative boundaries. The support of our professors in exploring unconventional ideas has been invaluable.” The invaluable inspiration from advisors, lecturers, and mentors fueled her journey, allowing her to reach new artistic summits.

Xinbin’s portfolio is a harmonious blend of technical skills and narrative insight nurtured during her university days. She said, “my designs reflect the culmination of skills and knowledge acquired during my time at Limkokwing University. They showcase a blend of technical proficiency and a deep understanding of storytelling and visual communication.” Each creation reflects her profound understanding of visual communication and the mastery achieved through dedication and passion.

As Xinbin closes the chapter on her undergraduate studies, she gazes eagerly towards the future. Her aspirations include furthering her education in graduate school and diving into the vibrant world of professional animation. With dreams of becoming a character animator at a prestigious studio, Xinbin is ready to face the exciting challenges.

Xinbin’s journey was not without its trials, facing unexpected illnesses, but her passion and commitment remained steadfast. Her resilience and dedication are vividly portrayed in every piece of her work, showcasing her vibrant imagination and creative spirit.

Wang Xinbin’s journey stands as a symbol of creativity and perseverance for the entire Limkokwing community. Her story is an inspiring reminder that with passion, resilience, and a dash of imagination, the future is a canvas waiting to be animated by our dreams.

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A Glimpse into the Future for SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil Students at Limkokwing University

A few weeks ago, the students from SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil, Johor, set out for an adventurous day at Limkokwing University, aiming to uncover new learnings, especially in the design and arts arena. This well-planned visit by the school was a step towards exposing the students to many opportunities.

Tan Hwee Nee, who has always been intrigued by design, arrived at the university with a bag full of expectations. “The campus tour was an eye-opener, showcasing many awesome achievements. It was exciting to see what one can accomplish in such a nurturing environment,” she remarked, still holding onto her dream of becoming a police officer.

Similarly, Nurul Izzati Husna had modest hopes but was pleasantly surprised. “Learning about the history of Limkokwing and seeing the projects by former students was amazing,” she said. The art workshop, in particular, was a playground where she felt her thinking was stretched beyond its usual limits.

For Vivian, the art workshop was a highlight. “Working with my teammate to create something beautiful from simple lines and shapes was challenging yet fun. It really boosted our creativity,” she shared. The cosy campus and the informative sessions by the lecturers were memorable, encouraging her to recommend it to her friends.

The teacher overseeing the trip had a positive take, too. “Limkokwing University has a unique charm. The friendly staff and the interactive sessions provided a fulfilling experience for us all,” he noted. He was particularly inspired by the gallery depicting the founder’s journey, which, according to him, motivated the students.

This visit was not just an excursion but a window into what the future could hold. Through the interactive sessions and hands-on workshops, the SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil students got a taste of the practical and enjoyable side of higher education. It is a laudable effort by SMK Sultan Abdul Jalil to provide a platform for students to step out from the conventional classroom setting to explore, interact, and envision what the future holds in store. The journey to Limkokwing University was more than just a glimpse into higher education; it was about igniting curiosity, fostering creativity, and encouraging informed decisions.

The reflections from this visit underscore the essence of providing real-world exposure to students, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future. Educational institutions must continue to foster such interactions, opening doors to a world where education transcends textbooks and exams, nurturing the holistic development of the students.

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