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Essentially Architects focus on the design aspects of buildings, their interiors and how they relate to human use; Engineers, on the other hand, are the “magicians” who turn architectural concepts into reality.

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OCT 2023

Architects & Engineers touch all lives - rich and poor

Considered as the “mother of all arts” architecture touches the lives of everyone, from the humblest homes to the most inspiring skyscrapers. And the combination of architects working with engineers ensures the safety and durability of these constructions.

Highly rewarding careers today and in the future

Technology is helping Architecture & Engineering firms capitalise on mounting demand and expanding horizons using interactive design visualisation and the world of extended reality. ​​

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Construction Management


Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Be an Interior Architect and learn to plan and design the interiors of public, commercial, recreational, institutional and residential buildings.

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Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Construction Management

Specialise in effective and efficient professional management of construction projects meeting costs and deadlines, acquiring skills in both construction techniques as well as technology.

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“The environment of Limkokwing University has changed me from a shy person to an outspoken one. I am always grateful to the University as I gained a lot of exposure - much more than I expected from the course itself.”

Eugene Kng Chin Wei, Malaysia

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture, Founder & Director of KNG Design Concept

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“Limkokwing University is an international institution that influenced my communication and connectivity as I networked with people from around the world. The achievement I’m proudest of is having my own company at the age of 24. Being a businesswoman has its fair share of challenges but we strive to be amongst the best designers in Malaysia and go international.”

Syafika Zain, Malaysia

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture, Co-Founder and CEO at KASZ Studio

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“The Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours programme is highly technical and designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to support the delivery of construction projects. This has helped me in understanding my responsibilities towards my profession and gave me the ability to showcase my skill on a larger scale.”

Obaida Al Melkhim, Russia

Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours, Project Engineer of Diamond Developers

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“The unique teaching technique of the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture course, whereby the lecturers allowed us to think out of the box and have the freedom to explore every possibility, resulted in our creative thinking later on in the industry. We interpret space differently and are always ready to accept challenges in our projects and have to come up with creative ideas, bring technology, resources and details together.”

Rupert Ooi, Malaysia

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture, Founder & Creative Director of Matness Interior Design

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Architecture is an art form, but it is also a business. Designers need to be trained to solve their clients' problems through design while leading their own firms to become sustainable practices.

Art Gensler, Architect who designed the first Apple store, Facebook HQ, Shanghai Towers