Ahsan Rakib Khan: Creating a better future for students through tech
Bangladesh • Chief Operating Officer at EduProof Inc
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information and Communication Technology

Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, alumnus Ahsan Rakib Khan is the acting Chief Operating Officer at EduProof Inc. He currently resides in Toronto and is pursuing a MSc in IT Security at the Ontario Tech University, Canada.

For over a decade, EduProof Inc. has made it their business to provide valuable educational services to their clients. The company analyses and manages the application requirements for processing, assisting, and resolving credit transfers or exceptions. They also provide visa guidance, assist in visa applications, and support to arrange accommodations for students.

“Our values have shaped our culture and we hold ourselves true to those values. At EduProof, we come to work every day because we believe in creating a better future for our clients,” Ahsan says.

The company has one goal: to be recognised as one of the most reliable names in promoting overseas education globally. EduProof strongly believes that further and higher education requires thorough planning to ensure that students choose the appropriate academic pathway. “To keep this in mind, we assist students by giving exhaustive information about study opportunities worldwide,” he adds.

While there are plenty of great minds in developing Bangladesh, Ahsan noticed that there aren’t sufficient resources to nurture them towards the right path. “We give students a chance to explore new countries and get a taste of the life lived outside their surroundings,” he says. Ahsan discovered his passion in this field during his bachelor’s where he would guide his friends who wanted to study in Malaysia.

Ahsan completed his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information and Communication Technology at Limkokwing University. At that time, he worked in the Centre for Content Creation. He was responsible for some tasks in the retail department where he gathered communication and presentation skills.

Ahsan has worked on a variety of projects throughout his career in consultancy. One of his highlights was the advertising campaign run for Osprey Education Canada Inc. “We faced a lot of uncertainty in this campaign, since it was an innovative program and students weren’t ready for it yet,” he says.

“We focused on influencer marketing, partnering with strong names on Instagram and Facebook and it worked great! It delivered on the promises, the sales sky-rocketed and the entire campaign was a great success,” he shares.

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