Ally Lilith: A jack of many trades, a master of them all
Malaysia • Founder of Rawlulu Cosmetics, UI/UX Lead at Elixus
Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication)

She’s a solopreneur, a founder and a UI/UX Lead – Ally Lilith is a jack of many trades and a master of them all. The owner of Rawlulu Cosmetics has built the brand from the ground up all by herself since 2017. She is also a full-time remote UI/UX Lead at an agency in Kuala Lumpur called Elixus.

Rawlulu is Malaysia’s vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics made to empower people to be unapologetically themselves. “The idea was to make dark and wild colours more accessible and affordable for Malaysians. As a solopreneur, I’m in charge of everything – branding, product ideation, execution and business strategies,” Ally says.

“I believe Rawlulu brings “misfits” together and gives them the courage to express themselves – to be a little bold no matter what people might say or think,” she adds.

Ally graduated from Limkokwing University’s Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication) programme with a major in advertising. With a focus on developing individual creativity, this programme prepares students to thrive within the creative and communication industries. “I’ve always wanted to start a business of my own, my degree has pushed me in the right direction in terms of design skills and advertising strategies,” Ally says.

She’s currently working on rebranding her company and releasing a new product that focuses on creating better relationships between friends and family by understanding everyone’s authentic selves. “My favourite project would “Memento Mori” Hydra Liner collection. It’s a line of water-activated eyeliner inspired by renowned artists and was released during Halloween last year,” she shares.

“Memento Mori”, a Latin phrase that means “Remember that you must die” was a symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death. The collection embraces the concept of living life to the fullest.

Ally’s proudest moment was turning a passion project into a scalable business. “Everytime someone purchases what I’ve worked so hard to create, it’s absolutely satisfying,” she says.
“I want Rawlulu to be more than a brand. I want it to be a safe space for people who don’t feel like they belong; a community where people are brave enough to be unapologetically themselves without having to fit in.”

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