Aymen Mohamed Elnour: Empowering Sudanese youth with innovative initiatives to showcase their creative talents
Sudan • Co-Founder at The Hub. Sudan
MBA in Multimedia Management

Thirty-one year old Aymen Mohamed Elnour is working tirelessly to ensure Sudanese youth become ambassadors of change through The Hub. Sudan at which he is a co-founder. He also works for one of the leading capital companies in Sudan as a digital marketing team leader.

Founded amid the Covid- 19 pandemic, The Hub. Sudan, envisions to be the leading platform for content creators and artists in the country with a mission to deliver inspiring content, support message clarity and enhance youth impact in Sudan while creating a space with no boundaries to share, learn and explore.

“Supporting communities, individuals and businesses is part of The Hub’s vision for creating a better world and being ambassadors of change. By sharing valuable information and making learning accessible, we wish to assure a decent life for more Sudanese.”

Striving to integrate sustainability into everything they do, The Hub has thus far contributed immensely to the community through a variety of projects and platforms where artists were given the opportunity to showcase their talents at large scale events – something which Aymen Mohamed Elnour says has always been only to an exclusive minority of well-established and older artists in the past.

Groundbreaking initiatives for Sudanese Content Creators

“The first and main project at the beginning of our journey was (Spoken Art September) initiative which generated massive traction and engagement from local and international entities in Sudan. The initiative was based on a simple concept of a month-long competition where we provide artists with quotes from famous Sudanese artists’ songs and ask the participants to generate artistically inspired artwork. The main goal for this program was to get artists/creators out of their ‘ART-BLOCK,’ and open doors for them to express and showcase their talents to the public.”

Through the power of social media and their network of young artists they were able to reach and connect with 160 artists from all around Sudan and abroad and garnered over 300 submissions.

“Currently The Hub. Sudan has over 6000+ followers across our social media platforms. 35% of our followers are inspiring artists/creators located in Sudan. 55% of our followers are females aged 17 - 28 years old. The project ended with a large- scale 2 days event and an exhibition in Khartoum which was attended by around 500 people.”

Aymen first started his journey with information technology as a career path as he always had a passion for it from a young age. It was until he studied MBA in Multimedia Management when discovered endless career opportunities worldwide.

“On the 3rd semester of my MBA course I did a course with Google Singapore about online marketing and Google’s role in enhancing internet marketing through its tools (Google ads/display ads). From there I discovered I have a passion for marketing in general and creative online marketing work.”

Speaking briefly about projects on the pipeline for The Hub, Aymen mentioned that he is looking forward for this year’s Spoken Art event which will be the one of the biggest events they organise. He will also be hands on in handling and supervising Orange Corners – a digital marketing campaign of a global programme and its expansion to other areas in Sudan.

Aymen has taken part in impactful projects which he deems his favourite and proudest achievements to date such as: Working with the UN to promote climate change awareness in 2009; Working on the 1st Sudanese restaurant in Cyberjaya social media presence and identity. (Al Mohterem Sudanese Cuisine Restaurant) and working on She inspires me campaign which highlighted women’s achievements in our communities.

Persevering during the Covid- 19 pandemic

“We co-founded (The Hub Sudan) in midst of the pandemic. We try to see the positive and enhance our position in social media. We took advantage of people staying at home more by providing them with quality and engaging content that gave them value and enjoyment simultaneously.

We took advantage of the covid restriction and had the whole team working remotely for 8 months and it paid off. Using team management such as Slack, Zoom, Google meets, and other tools have helped us a lot in organising our projects and keeping track of our progress.”

Word of advice: Never Stop Learning

“Believe in yourself even if the odds are against you. Choose a degree that you enjoy learning more about. Never stop learning especially after graduation, that is where the real journey begins. Learn everything about your trade and surround yourself with people who will empower your personal and professional growth.”

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