Bouchra Nadine Mena: Today’s art director, tomorrow’s fashion mogul

Algerian born Bouchra Nadine Mena graduated from Limkokwing University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia. She has been making waves ever since.

While still studying the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia programme Nadine represented her country as a student ambassador for two years and is currently working as the Junior Art Director at FCDESIGNSTUDIO in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Working as a student ambassador at Limkokwing University helped me become more determined, responsible and confident in myself. Thus, I’m able to work under extreme pressure and deliver the best today,” she says. “I’m mostly grateful to Dato Tiffanee. She helped me grow both as a person and a designer.”

FCDESIGNSTUDIO’s mission is to increase the sales, productivity and business quality of their customers. “We provide value-added, corporate-specific services in the country and abroad; strive to develop a distinctive and memorable brand identity; create every aspect that a brand uses to communicate with its target market; and identify the qualities in your brand that set it apart from the competition,” Nadine shares.

As the Junior Art director, Nadine is responsible for the creation and development of advertising ideas as well as web and marketing designs for LC Waikiki websites in North Africa and Asia. She’s currently working on creating a Branding Identity for a plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul.

When she’s not busy creating magic at work, she does it with her brand – her upcoming clothing line. “I’ve always been into fashion and wanted to create a brand to show the world who I am,  where I come from and how beautiful it is. Fashion is an international language,” she says.

Her advice to young professionals is to “work smarter not harder. Every adventure, every bump, every difficulty you go through, is the reason why you will be who you’re going to be. Don’t let any negative criticism put you down; learn from it and turn it into a positive lesson.”


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