Daim Dziauddin: Determined to put Malaysia on the global gaming scene

Daim Dziauddin is a name to be remembered. From his academic achievements in Animation and Multimedia Design at Limkokwing University to his current position as the co-founder, chief creative officer and creative director of Metronomik, Daim has been making major moves in the gaming industry.

In December 2017, Daim and his partner Wan Hazmer, Lead Game Designer of Final Fantasy XV, set up Metronomik - a new game company in Malaysia because of their love for storytelling. With the believe that music is under-utilised in game design, they made it their mission to bring the harmony of music and video games to the masses, without turning them into a rhythm game. They proved this concept with their first PS4 and PC game, No Straight Roads.

“Many people are intrigued by the hints of Malaysian flavours added throughout the game. This is just a small step in our efforts of putting Malaysia on the gaming map.”

In sharing his role with us Daim explained, “I play the role of the creative director, which means that anything art-related is under my responsibility. I don’t take full credit for the art in the game as the members of our team are extremely talented people! I am also very passionate about story-writing. So I usually come up with the main story for our games.”

“Animation is all about timing, and having a good sense of timing will help you craft a good and endearing story. I have been drawing since the age of three and art has always been a huge part of my life. However, now that I’m older, I have found that my true passion is in story-telling. I discovered that sharing stories with people brings me so much joy.”

In conjunction to the release of his first game, No Straight Roads, Daim tells us how well received it has been and is ecstatic for the plans he has for the future. “We’ve been receiving so much love from the fans! We see fan art, music remixes, and cosplays constantly posted online- it’s a truly humbling experience and makes me really happy that people feel a genuine connection with our game.”

“I wasn’t the most studious in secondary school; academics were never really my cup of tea. At Limkokwing, I found so many like-like-minded people who became my friends, and made me feel at home”, Daim tells us.

When we asked him more about the foundation of his company, he shares with us his biggest motivation and aspirations. “The team at Metronomik is a synergy filled with passion that motivates me every day. We don’t want our company to be a fac-tory that regularly churns out games. We want to celebrate humanity through our art, and I hope that people can see the love we put into our games. We take a lot of pride in what we do and are constantly learning and evolving.”

As Daim embarks on his next gaming adventures, we’re ready to get our hands on them and experience the thrill!

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