Fahimeh Naderloo: The woman behind Narinmoda’s exquisite bridal gown designs

Getting married? Narinmoda bridal designs will definitely make you say yes to the dress. Created with the latest trends, love and inspiration, the wedding dress company caters for boho brides, classic brides, even brides on a budget with every shape!

At the helm of these exquisite designs is Head designer of NARINMODA, Fahimeh Naderloo from Iran who took time off her busy schedule to share inspirations behind the company;

“I first graduated from BA social science in Iran, and then continued studying English in the UK. Later on I decided to follow my dreams and enrolled for fashion design in Limkokwing University Malaysia. After graduating, I moved to Turkey and started my career in the bridal design industry.”

Leading brand in the bridal industry scene

“Narinmoda is a leading brand in bridal industry, the biggest wholesaler and retailer wedding dress company in Turkey – We collaborate with bridal boutiques in the Middles East, Europe and the USA and sell gowns in these countries. As Narinmoda team we dedicate all of our time, energy and passion to creating special gowns that would surely stand out in a crowd. Each and every Narin bridal gown is manufactured in Narin atelier in Istanbul Turkey. Our unique designs and outstanding quality has carried NARİN from Istanbul to the international arena. NARIN bridal gowns define new standards for high fashion and our collections are always ahead of their time.”

Learning her way to a high income career

“I graduated from Diploma in Fashion Design from Limkokwing University and I believe all the skills I learned during my studies helped me jump one or two steps higher in my career; each assignment was useful for my career. Fashion workshops were open until the morning before the finals because our projects were time consuming, so we had the chance to do our projects until late in the evening or even early morning at times. Sleepless nights doing our assignments, having fun and learning with our friends from all over the world were definitely the best days.”

The World’s Best 300

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion since childhood but before starting my studies in fashion it was a hobby for me to make dresses or designing something new. One of my greatest achievements in my younger years is attending the Barcelona bridal fashion week as an exhibitor with a collection of 100 pieces. Attending such an important exhibition as an exhibitor is difficult as they only accept the leading companies of the world and I am proud to have been one of the 300 bests of the world in my industry.”


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