Jenn Ting: Working towards creating a multi-talented Malaysia with ANITHINK Creativity Education

Across Asia, Africa, and Europe Limkokwing University continues to produce alumni who are leading in fields they chose to pursue their career in – driving transforming in their countries’ industries. One such alumni is Jenn Ting who is now a Founder for ANITHINK Creativity Education - an Edutainment company focused on fun and engaging learning experiences for children. Ting also works as a creative educator, digital artist, and content creator the company.

Jenn Ting takes us through his studying and working experience with Limkokwing and how his job is now contributing to building creatives in Malaysia:

Please tell us how your company has contributed to the community thus far?

“ANITHINK produces creative content and provides creative multimedia programmes such as Animation, Digital Art, Comic, Digital Music and Creative Math to children aged 6-12 years. It aims to be Malaysia’s leading Creative Education Provider ensuring lifelong joy of learning for every child - building creativity as a core subject to study in Malaysian schools. In simple words, we exist to inspire & empower children’s creativity to create a multi-talented nation.”

Take us through projects ANITHINK Creativity Education is currently doing and one’s you are most proud of?

“We have done a lot of exciting projects, from VMO Game and Camp to creative multimedia classes for children in Animation, Digital Music and so on. The Most exciting project is yet to come: On 13 – 19th December 2021 we are going to host our 1st ANITHINK Creativity Festival (ACF) - A Creative Virtual Event | #anithinkfest.”

ANITHINK Creativity Festival (ACF) is a week-long virtual event aimed at providing a platform for children to learn on a digital landscape to develop their creative skills. The event includes hard skills (digital art, music, comic, storybook & animation) and soft skills (emotional wellbeing) and a competition with a chance to win prizes to motivate them to continue their digital learning journey.

Click: ANITHINK CREATIVITY FESTIVAL  to read more about this exciting project!

When and how did you discover your passion for your work?

“There was a unique opportunity when I worked in CCC. I got a chance to go to China for a shooting job. And I got a chance to host a Creative Art class for the students there. This incident has sparked my passion for creative education.”

What were your best memories studying with us - and how has it assisted you with what you are doing today?

“I studied Creative Multimedia (HON), majoring in 2D animation. The creative skills that I learned back then have given me a solid foundation on creativity and understanding what it means to be creative. Not to mention we had a remarkable headmaster -Tan Sri Limkokwing - who was a role model of a creative person.”

I do miss the good old times at Limkokwing – when we had a group project or traveled to a new place to live in and do photo shoots; when we stayed up late together at night rushing for our final project and went out to have a McDonalds supper; Gathering my group of friends to do a short film project - To me those memories are priceless.”


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