“Joining Limkokwing was like a dream come true.”

As a successful performing artist, model and musician, Janusha Laxmi knew that her passion is to be under the spotlight at only 6 years old. Now at 22, she’s climbing up the ladder and is mapping a successful career for herself.

Asked about what she would like to achieve as a Malaysian performing artist, she said, “In a country rich with a variety of cultures, it is my responsibility to preserve the arts and tradition of the country to keep the industry booming. I want to be able to improve creative and cultural opportunities for the next generation in Malaysia, empowering communities to flourish by maximising participation in the cultural life of our country.”

“When people hear about arts, no one takes it seriously. What they don’t realize is that art is the main component of life, it is literally in every action we do and every move we make. Arts is like a cultural anchor, using creativity to drive a thriving and dynamic country, and every artist is like the captain in charge.”

Studying at Malaysia’s Most Creative University

It became a dream come true for Janusha when she pursued the Diploma in Performance Arts & Creativity at Limkokwing.

“I thought to myself, I’m finally getting closer to my dreams! Limkokwing provided a course that was the gate to my passion. I got a lot of exposure as an artist and learned the necessary techniques and values to become a successful artist in the industry. The main thing that I learned is how important it is to build connections associated with my field of work and how to achieve that goal successfully.”

Taking a trip down memory lane Janusha recalls being part of the Limkokwing Music (now called the Cyber Cypher) which she says is her best experience to date.

“Back in 2018, I was a part of the Limkokwing Music Club and that was no doubt my best memory in Limkokwing, we used to hold shows in the plaza every Monday and Wednesday and during other days all the members would get together and we would have rehearsals, meetings and sometimes just meet up to jam and make music together. It was the best time, a process of learning and also friendship with a lot of people that had the same passion for music.”

Looking forward to an exciting future

“I’m always on the go for collaborations and projects from different companies. I like being involved in them as being a part of these projects helps me learn more and more about the arts and entertainment industry. It prepares me and builds my leadership skills. Honestly, I’m excited for what’s coming for me tomorrow, it’s the future that’s exciting for me, because I’m working towards my ambition and my goal, and I’m ready for anything that is coming towards my way.”

Janusha’s advice is to never give up until one reaches their goals, while staying kind and humble along the way.

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