Limkokwing alumnus riding the wave of the digital era

Limkokwing has always been at the forefront of designing graduates who promptly adapt to new evolving technology, those who are ready for new and emerging industries and become world class industry leaders.

One of those is alumnus Shavkat Aslamshoev, a proud Limkokwing graduate from the BSc in Information Technology programme - who now stands as the Founder and Head Developer of Ecompile - a web design and development agency which has successfully launched numerous projects since 2019. The company’s main focus is web and mobile application development, and its mission is to design creative, intuitive digital platforms that would change aspects of everyday life for the better.

With the wave of Covid devastating many businesses Ecompile has assisted many small and large companies to digitise their products and services.

“There has been a huge shift in everyday human interaction since Covid 19 hit. This has affected many businesses, which were forced to find innovative ways to reach their customers. We helped many small and large businesses to digitise their products & services.”

Successful path to a rewarding career

Studying BSc in Information Technology at Limkokwing University mapped a perfect path for Shavkat to pursue his passion.
“Studying at Limkokwing obviously served as a great foundation for my interest in technology, especially internet technologies such as web platforms & mobile apps. It started as an assignment we were given to create a single webpage about our hobbies and grew into my full time job that is now building applications that are ten times larger and used by tens of thousands of users.”

Reliving the best memories of his time at Limkokwing he said, “The diversity of Limkokwing University was one of the highlights of my time at Limkokwing. There were people from so many parts of the world, and getting to know these people from different backgrounds & cultures, taught me so much. Many of these people that I met during my studies at Limkokwing are still part of my life and for that I’m grateful.”

“We are always on the lookout for people who are willing to or believe they have what it takes to create awesome technology. Limkokwing I believe produces a lot of amazing talents, who are welcome to drop by our office and have a chat with us.”

Digital platform addressing mental health

Currently Shaftkat and team are working on launching a platform that addresses the mental health space. They believe it is a very important global issue at the moment in view of Covid-19 consequences such as the quarantine. The platform helps people to find professionals in their area and conduct their sessions online. This platform is being launched in Europe currently, and in the near future they plan to bring it to Asia as well.

Project name: SolveInHere

Nominated for International Awards

“One of our proud achievements as a company is a website that we launched last year that was nominated for best website of the month in Malaysia and at an international website awards ceremony. Unfortunately we did not win, but we are still very young as a team and definitely have a chance in the coming years.”

Website: Ecompile:

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