Liyana Shirin Akbar: Developing dynamic & interactive mobile solutions for easy access to tertiary institutions worldwide

Concepts in innovative web development have never been at a halt as new trends and technologies emerge ever so frequently, bringing new opportunities for business growth. Always looking ahead are web developers who pioneer in tech innovation, they stay on top of trends to create a perfect end-products that we love and websites we enjoy visiting and its also a win for them as they garner a database of loyal clientele.

Our very own Liyana, alumnae from the Master of Science in Software Management programme now works as a Web Developer at Forest Interactive. Prior to her master’s degree she studied Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Mobile Computing.

Enhancing telecommunication solutions

Forest Interactive’s mission is to help bridge the gap between mobile subscribers, operators and content providers by offering telco-driven solutions. Explaining further what the company does Liyana said, “Forest Interactive is an award-winning telecommunications platform provider operating in over 30 countries with 16 physical regional offices. Since its founding in 2006, Forest Interactive has been providing innovative and revenue-generating solutions for over 90 mobile operators. Forest Interactive’s vision is to enrich the mobile experience through multifaceted innovative products tailored to enhance telecommunication solutions. I on the other hand work on a product for Forest Interactive’s sister company, which is Eduloco.”

A passion for programming

“I became passionate about my career during my pre-university days. I was very intrigued by programming and the possibilities of being creative and developing software and applications for web and mobile. For the past two years I have worked on a project called Eduloco, which is a platform that enables students to apply to universities and courses around the world.”
Liyana believes Eduloco is an impactful project to her community as it eases access to tertiary education.

Aiming to become a full stack developer

Liyana’s main career goal is to become a full stack developer. Even though she acknowledges it will be a challenging journey, she’s marking her footprints right to the top.
Her proudest achievement is having collaborated with Women Who Code platform which gave her an opportunity to talk about her career experience.
“At the moment, I am currently working on developing a mobile app which uses hybrid framework. So, I am learning a lot of new things and it’s exciting. One of my favourite projects was on developing a mobile app which can be used on both iOS and Android. It is a book borrowing application which is like a E-library. It was my favourite because I gained a lot of experience while working on it. It was one of the main reasons for me to go down this path of hybrid app development and web development.”

Persevering through challenges of the pandemic

“Due to the pandemic, I have faced many challenges in the area of seeking for a job. However, I did not give up and managed to get a job offer at Forest Interactive. However, due to the pandemic we are still working from home full time and did not get the chance to work in an office environment.”

Word of advice to upcoming web developers

“My main advice would be, in this field you can never be 100% ready or prepared. You will always be learning new things and you can only improve by getting the experience and by practicing. So, don’t give up and be confident. You don’t have to know everything before joining your first job.”

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