Malak Kurdi: The making of a filmmaker

With a passion to tell compelling stories through film, Syrian Malak Kurdi has been making major moves in the film industry. Influenced by a background where art reigns supreme, the 21 year old envisions creating projects that would give back to her community.

The 21 year old who is currently in her final semester studying Bachelor of Film and Television sees the future in the eyes of cinema and storytelling.

Speaking about her experience at Limkokwing Malak commended the University for giving him more than just an education.

“Limkokwing University gave me more than just basic education. It offered me an international journey as I networked with peers from different parts of the world. I learned a lot about their cultures and find it to be so magical to be around so many people with so many different stories and experiences.”

As a photography enthusiast, Malak shared with us her everlasting love for capturing moments, “My love for photography has been there since I was little, but my passion for filmmaking developed as I entered the world of writing and storytelling.”

“The reactions and feedback I get from the people around me is refreshing as everyone has their own perception and point of view on things.”

As Malak looks forward to the next chapter of her life after graduation, we look forward to Malak’s upcoming projects and will be very sure to have our popcorns ready for her next movie!

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