Yasmin - MAIN
Yassmin Salem: A Masterful Motion Graphics Animator
Egypt • Motion Graphics Animator and Concept Artist
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia

“I always like to make my art/animations with a certain message in them. Raising awareness about social issues is something I strongly believe in and try to incorporate in my art to help educate my community about important matters in the world. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put things in words and spraying my thoughts on a canvas would explain it so much better.”

Yassmin Salem: A Masterful Motion Graphics Animator

From time immemorial until present day, women are still something of a novelty in the world of motion graphics – they have been a solid, yet often unrecognised force in animation. However, film is blessed with extraordinary women animators, from DreamWorks’ storyboard artist Jennifer Yuh Nelson who worked on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Madagascar, and the first Kung Fu Panda to Domee Shee, the first woman to direct an animation ‘Bao’ for Pixar.

Now, our very own alumnae Yassmin Salem, who graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia is making waves and paving her path to join one of the most influential women in motion graphics. She currently works as a Motion Graphics Animator for her art brand Yaz.Salem and freelances as a Concept Artist in the gaming world.

What is your company’s vision and mission - what does it do and what part do you play?

“My art brand Yaz.Salem is an online art page where I share finished art pieces, works in progress, studies, mini-tutorials and various other things related to my process, including animated shorts. I recently launched an online art store where I ship physical copies of my art pieces in many sizes in addition to taking customised portraits/orders as well. I have also released extended drawing tutorials on my Youtube channel under the same umbrella.”

Which projects are you most excited about at the moment and which ones are your favourite?

“I’m currently working on a comic book and an indie video game that I can’t wait to finish and share with everyone! One of my favourite projects that I’ve worked on was my final year project in Limkokwing. It was a motion comic with a goal of raising awareness about environmental matters using a dystopian story set in a futuristic Cairo. It’s in my top 3 favourites because it addressed a worldly matter I care about and included my favourite art theme (future dystopia). It was also my first time to merge both my art and animation skills in a single project which was extremely exciting and rewarding.”

Yasmine 1
Yasmine - 2
Achievements and Challenges

Kindly share with us some of your achievements:

“I’m really proud of entering several scenes in the creative field and for always exploring different paths and not labelling myself as just one thing. I have animated and drawn music videos, worked on album art covers, indie video games, explored photography, volunteered for social causes, and have always strived to improve my art and learn new things.”

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced because of the pandemic and how you overcame them.

“Honestly, I think what the pandemic did was make us have to face ourselves and our demons. It was extremely hard for me to even pick up a pencil and sketch something as I was too depressed to do or feel anything. I don’t have any specific points on how I overcame it but immersing myself in my full-time job as an animator helped me produce more art at home. I am very proud to have come out of it stronger, my online art store was launched during that period!”

Advice for Students

Any advice for students who are looking to pursue the same path as yours?

“If there is an unfortunate question that I get asked a lot it’s that “is having artistic skills something you are only born with, or something you learn?”, and I would always say it is definitely something you learn! Any skill in this world requires discipline and patience to achieve, so if you are planning to pursue a path like this, you can 100% achieve it just by practising it more often. There will be times where you will feel despair, and that everyone else seems to be doing better than you, but always remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and each one of us walks on a unique/different path. So always keep on learning and fail your path to success!”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yaz.salem
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/yazzii
Redbubble store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/yazsalem/shop

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