Mohammad Hamada: The 21st Century Architect

Passion, grasp of the nitty-gritties, and perseverance form vital pillars for a successful career in Architecture - those are also qualities that catapulted Mohamad Hamada’s career to heights.

Masterful in architectural technology, Mohamad Hamada has garnered prestigious accolades under his belt. Currently he works for the biggest construction company in the world, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), as Head of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) department.

Additionally, he is the CEO and Cofounder of Themodmin, a Malaysian-based company which serves as a global marketplace for online education – the company aims to be the leading creative innovation hub in the art of architecture technology.

“I also manage architecture related online platforms which garnered 2 million followers and occasionally serve as an external critic for architecture schools around Malaysia. I have been also featured as a speaker for international BIM related events.”

As an active BIM committee member for the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) and a registered member of both the Malaysian Board of Architects (LAM) and the Malaysian board of technologists (MBOT), Hamada has been heavily involved in the BIM scene in Malaysia by training professionals and students in adopting BIM in the architectural framework to help optimise the workflow as well as develop standards and protocols for BIM.

A pioneer in cutting edge technologies

Working for CSCEC which now ranks 13th place in this year’s Fortune 500 gave Hamada a vast of opportunities to be a part of shaping the future of the architecture industry through cutting edge technologies.

“Being actively involved in pushing towards new solutions and innovative ways to help the industry, I saw notable results which I had created from scratch in order to support what is locally needed and what could not have been resolved elsewhere globally, for example, a cloud based system that I had created from scratch for my company that currently enables over 2 billion USD worth of construction projects across Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia to utilise BIM.”

Hamada’s favourite project now is the Multibay project at Jalan Tun Razak, Malaysia, which comprises of a luxury hotel, exclusive condo suites, and modern office spaces.

“The project started early on the pandemic. I took it as a pilot project to introduce one of my most creative ideas and solutions that ended up helping many other projects.” 

Learning that pushes boundaries of creativity

“I studied Bachelor of Architecture (BAR LAM Part II) and took an MBA on Project Management, which both had contributed a lot in shaping my career, however, I would say that more than anything Limkokwing has deeply impacted my entire lifestyle and thrive for innovation, it is something that is deeply embedded in the root of every Limkokwing graduate that we learned to always push the boundaries of creativity and innovate new and more effective solutions.”

Giving advice to students who are looking to pursue the same path he’s on Hamada said, “You have direct access to our industry’s most brilliant minds at your fingertips so start early and be ready to be ahead of the market by the time you graduate.”

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