Najeebullah Amir: Conquering knowledge and pursuing success

Despite many years of experience, Najeebullah Amiri’s thirst for knowledge never ends. From his stint as the senior administrative manager at Camelot International Business Quarter and head of economic cooperation at the Administrative Office of the President of Afghanistan (AOP), to being management secretary to the Director General at (AOP), Najeeb has packed impressive milestones in his professional life.

Najeeb completed his Bachelor of Business Administration in Kardan University and is currently doing his MBA at Limkokwing University. Having started working at an early age, he garnered seven years of work experience and had an exceptional track record in each position he held.

“Being involved in the presidential palace, ministries, independent agencies, embassies, international organizations and the public has had an extremely strong impact on my ability to form and implement sustainable and operational policies. Throughout my service tenure in the government sector, I’ve been involved in major initiatives such as the inauguration of Afghanistan-China air Corridor and export of Afghanistan pine nuts to China, the inauguration of the Lapis Lazuli Route in Herat Province, and launching India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show.”

Najeeb has been awarded a first-degree appreciation letter by the His Excellency President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan for his service and dedication towards serving the country’s national interests through boosting the economy.

To meet his passion for the pursuit of knowledge and seeking opportunities to build upon his leadership, technical and management skills, Najeeb chose Limkokwing University to have a learning experience that is immersed within a world-class environment and nurtures his creative ideas, fostering a mind-set to strive for extraordinary achievements.

Limkokwing has helped Najeeb to train and interact with students from all over the world exposing him to diverse cultures and ideas which equipped him with a deeper understanding of the world. This University has enabled him to leave his footprints in any part of the world. As Najeeb continues to conquer the world, we are proud to call him a Limkokwing graduate.


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