Neeral Chudasama: Pioneering innovative designs with PAZ Agency

What began as a friendship studying at Limkokwing University blossomed into a lucrative partnership for our alumni in Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication) Neeral Chudasama and his colleague who now co- own a digital design firm called PAZ based in Kenya.

Set to turn PAZ’s into a multinational business, Neeral manages the design team and oversees individual projects, envisions for the company to continue providing high quality, efficient and responsive products for their clients.

“We play a monumental role in enhancing the images of various companies in Kenya and further afield. We constantly scout for new talent and are always open for a chat.”

Currently PAZ is doing projects for a conglomerate group. “It’s a rather out of the box project, every morning presents a new challenge, and we use a new set of eyes to review it and improve it.”

Unmatched Learning Experience

” One of my biggest achievements so far is that I was able to obtain a degree from such a reputable University – the knowledge and the experience I obtained studying at Limkokwing enabled me to be a successful business owner.”

Having discovered his passion for design at a tender age, Neeral acknowledges it was at Limkokwing University where he attained a full skillset that fast-tracked his career to heights.

“Based on what I have learned from my skilled lecturers and fellow students I have come a long way not just from my design skillset but life in general. Over the years I have learned to appreciate people of different cultures, how to become confident, and importantly “Innovation” taking something already existent and making it more suitable to the current times.”

Fond memories at Malaysia’s Most International University

“The plaza - the diversity of the University and the creative flow, from entering the gates of the University - to the people I’ve met, be it lecturers, students or anyone from the Limkokwing. Believe it or not, I still meet people from the University, and it’s never been a dull moment.”

The friendship that Neeral and his classmate formed during their varsity days is as inspirational like many others formed among students from over 150 countries studying under one roof at Limkokwing University.

“The friendship we have has manifested into something so much bigger, we share a singular dream and are working towards it. We came from being just close friends during our university tenure, to being co-founders and running a company together.”

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