Nik Amanina’s journey to success in the fashion industry

Proudly a Limkokwing alumna in BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Retailing, Nik Amanina is now a Head Designer of the ready to wear manufacturing company Ariani Textiles & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. At only 8 years old Nik Amanina, knew she was passionate about fashion. When she turned 18 years old, she enrolled at Malaysia’s Most Creative University where she kick-started her path to a career of her dreams.

Taking time out of her busy schedule Nik Amanina shared with us her work and ropes of success:

“There are three segments of Ariani which are Galeri Ariani (scarfs accessories), Ariani RTW (clothes) and Ariani Luxe (premium scarfs). GALERI ARIANI is a Malaysian based premium scarf brand. Launched in April 2008; a prominent brand that started off with the iconic “Awning tuning” has since built its strong foundation among the headscarf-wearing crowd. Ariani has always been known for its tasteful head coverings which is fashion forward, yetmaintain the image and ethos of Muslim compliance - thus, creating a perfect balance between style and function. Our products are designed and built upon three elements; Exclusivity, Modesty and Contemporary.”

Share with us briefly about your company and your work:

“As the forefront of modest fashion brand, ARIANI strives to maintain the balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on beliefs. Each product is tailored for perfection to fit our client’s demand. ARIANI went through such great length in understanding the demands and preferences of our customers thus producing a fresh, original and modern ideas align with the latest fashion trends. As a head of fashion designer for Ariani’s RTW line, I took part in planning, brainstorming ideas, oversee the design work, go through a detailed sampling process involving measurements, colourways, fabric choices and prints, while making sure that we produce silhouettes that would remain relevant, practical to our customers.” 

How has your company contributed to your country and community?

“As a brand connected with JAKEL, a leading textile importer in Malaysia, there are countless CSR projects being done as a way to give back to the community. Especially during this Covid19 Pandemic, the company has been giving out food and basic necessities to people in need as a continuous effort to ease the burden of underprivileged, or people affected by this pandemic. Prior to covid, the company hosted numerous events to give back and feasts the community especially during the month of Ramadhan and Eid season. Essentially, giving back to the people has been the ‘drive’ for the company to keep going.” 

Tell us about your experience studying in Limkokwing University: 

“I studied Fashion Design & Retailing for both my Diploma and (BA) Degree in Limkokwing from 2008-2014. What I have studied during my time in Limkokwing has helped to shape the designer that I am today. One thing that stood out for me is we were free to express ourselves and the environment that it creates makes us believe that we can be what we put our minds into. I remember the moment when I was studying there and getting my final year assignment done I was truly inspired by the hijab industry. So, I incorporated hijab in my final fashion show and I think I was the first student to do that. I love that our lecturers did not restrict their students in incorporating ‘religious-related-but-make-it-fashion’ item into our work.”

How studying at Limkokwing influence or assist with what you’re doing today?

“The experience I got at Limkokwing opened doors for me and my future career. I secured a job in less than a month after I graduated as a modest brand fashion designer and stayed there for almost six years! Most of the things I was taught during my time in Limkokwing I apply into the working life.”

What were your best memories of studying at Limkokwing University?

“Field trips and fashion shows! We went to Penang to visit textile factories while I was in my diploma years and also London when I was in my Degree. I would never ever forget these memories, it somehow opened up my eyes and mind that there is so much more to explore and learn, than just sitting in class. You explore, wander, make friends and learn about other people’s cultures and get to learn new ways of thinking and solving problems. Fashion shows were held for us on a monthly basis to showcase designs that we have worked on. It was just in the vicinity of the campus but these shows are vital to prepare us for the real world. We volunteered to assist actual fashion shows and it was a great learning curve as we get to be up close with designers and their work.”

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