Nizam Abdullah: An artist

Nizam Abdullah is more than just a name. He is an artist; a visionary; a pioneer. The Malaysian born artist has been working with metal sculptures since graduating from the Fine Art Diploma at Limkokwing University. Over the years, Nizam’s work has seen more traction and been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Nizam specialises in metal sculpture. The fighting rooster sculpture series has become his signature work of art. And the series of his works represent a self-portrait of the artist himself. Through his work, you’ll experience self identification and self exploration.

“The sculpture market in Malaysia isn’t big. Through education, we believe that the gap between the current sculpture market and that of our neighbouring countries, in which is more prominent, can be filled,” Nizam says.

Nizam’s business venture, Nizamsculpture Studio, focuses on being a specialist in “Sculpture Design and Build” and provides professional and artistic consultations to its clients on projects. This includes indoor and outdoor public sculptures; functioning sculptures for playgrounds and gyms; wall sculptures for homes and offices; and corporate gifts.

This year, Nizam bagged the Malaysia National Business Award for Arts and Lifestyle and created history when his work of a hanging sculpture based on the concept of a Meranti Tree appeared in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The sculpture designed by Nizam, 41, is as high as 150 metres and weighing around 2,000 kilogrammes (kg) was hung on the 47-storey Pudu Alam Rekreasi Residency building, making it the tallest hanging sculpture in a residential building in Malaysia.

The concept of the sculpture is based on achieving great heights and realising one’s dream, with shorea seeds representing positive vibes to push people in achieving their goals and dreams.

“The late Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing opened many doors for me through the opportunities he gave me. I was given the chance to make sculptures for him and conduct workshops for students,” Nizam shares. “That’s not all. I was also a life drawing lecturer at the university.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the late Tan Sri Limkokwing spotting my talent from the very beginning. I was given ample space to be myself and define creativity through my eyes. From the experience, I made a name for myself in an industry that is still so young. And it’s all thanks to him,” he says. 



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