Nour Yasser: On a quest to share stories though illustration

Since she was a little girl, Nour Yasser was always caught holding a book or drawing. She discovered her passion for art and stories from a young age and it stuck with her till today.

When it came to choosing a major to study after high school, it was a no-brainer for Nour to register for the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation at Limkokwing University.

“The foundation of my major was heavily based on creativity and experimentation. It made me go through the whole process of storytelling and creating art while giving me a variety of programmes and tools that would help me reach the vision in my imagination,” she shares.

Today, the Egyptian national works for a British company called Nagwa Ltd. – a company committed to caring for educational materials and resources available to students and teachers alike. She is currently working on their Readers app which provides children stories and fairytales with a voice over and illustrations.

“My part in this process is to bring the fairytales to life by painting illustrations of important scenes from the story,” she shares. Nour is also currently writing and illustrating her own graphic novel (Lavinia) and a series of comics that she aims to publish in the coming years.

Her favourite project, Lavinia, is an illustrated comic of her original character. “I have always dreamed of telling and writing my own stories. I usually use her (my character) story as a way to let out stress and go on a journey with her in her world. This project was a way for me to express myself and discover my style as an artist,” Nour says.

Nour’s favourite recent project was working on illustrating a scene from ‘The Scarecrow and The Tin Woodman’. “It was challenging to illustrate the scene as it contained a lot of details and action but on the other hand, it made me push the boundaries of my painting and I gained a lot while working on it,” she says.

As Nour continues on her quest to share her unique stories that come from her culture and experiences with the world, we sit back with our popcorn and enjoy them.


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