Omar Makharik: Bringing together art, business, and engineering for innovative product design

Omar Makharik is climbing a ladder up to join the most influential architects and product designers of the 21st century. Currently he is working as a Senior Product Designer for Mindvalley – a company with a vision to equip a billion people worldwide with the best tools and trainers for personal transformation.

Always drawn to solving problems, Omar first chose to study Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architectural Studies at Limkokwing University which is where he learned design thinking and process. He later diverted to UX design where problem-solving is a core.

“Product Designers and Architects are both expected to be specialists at comprehending how people interact. While UX designers work mainly with digital experiences, when it comes to architecture consumers engage with actual environments. This is possibly the area where the two disciplines have the most in common.”

Proud to work on a product that helps 10 million people to improve their lives, Omar mentioned there were challenges of navigating projects during the pandemic, and briefed on how the company dealt with them, “During the pandemic, Mindvalley started working remotely and at the beginning we were faced with certain communication challenges that we managed to adapt to quickly since we’d already been practicing working remotely few days a week. Until this day most of our teams work remotely.”

One of Omar’s recent exciting projects include working on variety of features that help users to discover the most suitable content based on their learning goals with the help of AI and machine learning.

His advice to those who are looking to pursue the same path as his is, “Practice your craft. Always keep humans in the center of everything you do.”

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