Opportunity to Shine at the International Cultural Festival

Limkokwing University students had the chance to shine and show their talents during the International Cultural Festival on 4 May 2017.

The International Cultural Festival featured performances from 15 countries and a lineup of popular local artists. Students of different nationalities at the University were treated to a vibrant showcase of traditional folk dances, contemporary songs and musical performances.

“Performing in tonight’s cultural festival is a great experience for anyone who wants to experience a global adventure,” said Syrian student Adeeb Al Kalla who is pursuing his MBA in Project Management.

“You get to share and showcase your cultural heritage with students from other countries,” he added. “And this gives students the chance to give their best performance.”

During the evening’s event, guest performances featured local artists such as Kaka Azraff, Kayda, Hunny Madu and a special guest performance by Limkokwing University’s alumni Joe Flizzow and SonaOne.

During the evening, Joe Flizzow debuted a brand new song ‘Sampai Jadi’, which was premiered exclusively for Limkokwing University students before his upcoming single release.

“Limkokwing’s Cultural Festival represents how we are all citizens of the world,” said Joe Flizzow. “It represents how important your culture and heritage is to you regardless of where you are.”

He also mentioned that it was an amazing experience for him to come back to Limkokwing University and see that there are more countries being represented in this year’s festival.

Joe Flizzow also added that the best part about the event was that students did not have to travel to other countries to see their performances. He described the event as an amazing opportunity to see the campus completely packed with students as well as performers.

For producer, artist, rapper and Limkokwing University alumni SonaOne, this event was his third special appearance at the University’s annual Cultural Festival.

“This year’s festival feels like there are a lot more people,” he said while adding that it was a great experience for him to reconnect with the students at Limkokwing University.

“This cultural festival for me is something interesting and very different from what I have seen before,” said Malaysian singer Kaka Azraff, who came to perform a local single, ‘Bukan Hal Aku’.

“It’s good to combine all the cultures here, and this is different from what I have seen in other institutions,” she said. “I find that the students here are very sporting, and I can see that they really enjoy it and they are all having fun.”

Limkokwing University is a global educational institution that emphasises creativity and innovation. This event serves as the melting pot for culture and knowledge from more than 150 countries coming together to create a fusion of performances and music.

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