Papa Amadou Sy Dieng: Building a bridge between Africa and Asia via SENEBRU

Papa Amadou Sy Dieng and his wife were set on one mission: to create a top leading “blasian” business that would link both continents, Africa and Asia, where they’re from respectively. Papa is the Co-Founder of SENEBRU, a digital platform that emphasises building bilateral cooperation between Senegal and Brunei as well as Africa and Asia in general. He is also a Freelancer in Digital Marketing and Marketing Content Creator for a few International companies.

Senebru is a business platform, created by a Senegalese-Bruneian couple whose mission is to build a bridge between nations by creating small businesses in various industries that showcase African products in Asia and vice-versa.

As the Managing Director and Business Development Manager, Papa is responsible for creating strategies and ideas for digital content to promote the concept.

“Thanks to Senebru, we were able to showcase products and the culture from Senegal to Brunei through various businesses that we have created such as ‘Senebru Foods’ and ‘Hey Marché!’. In the future, we foresee expansion by becoming the bridge between Asia and Africa and showcasing it to the world,” Papa says.

“I’m mostly excited about creating the first African market in Brunei and expanding to other Asian countries. My wife and I are working hard to develop it. We are also coming up with other projects in the future,” he adds.

The Senegalese alumnus holds a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Being a Student Ambassador in Limkokwing University allowed Papa to represent his country, Senegal, and gave him the chance to network with people from different nationalities, learning their culture, way of life, and values. “That inspired me in creating the SENEBRU brand with my wife,” he says.

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