Rahmadi Aditya Putra: Contributing to boosting Indonesia’s Tourism Industry

In support of the Indonesian local tourism industry our alumnus from the Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design programme, Rahmadi Aditya Putra successfully created BestHostels hostel booking platform that focuses on shared room/capsule accommodation.

Rahmadi saw the opportunity to create a local platform as he realised there are many hostel properties in Indonesia only known to internationals.

“As a local, I feel like this is my homework to educate local millennials, so they know there is such an accommodation. Thus, by managing their holiday accommodation budget better, a great holiday does not necessarily come with an outrageous price. Meanwhile, there is no local platform that focuses on hostels yet. So, we need to ask why locals need to book a local hostel through an international booking platform, which implies that the money also goes overseas. As a young local, I could make a platform to help Indonesia’s economy and tourism.”

In addition to providing budget friendly accommodation to travelers and backpackers Besthostels Indonesia provides multiple payment options such as via GoPay, Alfamart, Indomaret, or bank transfer. Rahamdi said in a way these channels are opportunities for hostels to earn more recognition and visibility among the locals.

On what inspired him to take this route he said, “In mid-2019, I had the opportunity to work as an interior photographer. During that time, I also had a small digital agency, but I did not have many clients. So, I offered free photography services to hostels in Bali and told them that we had other services, such as videography and social media management. That opened doors for me to meet many hostel owners, and they supported me in making such a platform.”

Rahmadi commended the learning experience at Limkokwing University as it nurtured his creativity.

“The lecturers at Limkokwing taught me how to be more resourceful in creating ideas and delivering them in a well-crafted presentation. The best memories of studying at Limkokwing was when my favourite lecturer guided me in such clever ways and taught me how to do things. It was fun, and in the end, we are still friends until the present day.”

On what he’s most proud of Rahmadi said, “This whole journey of making a start-up is what makes me most excited: the experience in creating something from almost nothing, from scratch, and at the same time, being a leader - creating a platform that never existed in Indonesia.”

Rahmadi aims for BestHostels to ultimately be the one-stop shop for travel solutions for every traveler’s needs.

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