Reza Md Arif: Cracking the code to a successful career in Business Intelligence

As coding becomes the norm in school syllabi and smart phones become an extension of our arms, the field of business intelligence continues to grow in demand. This includes the use of computing technology that follows a well-defined model, such as an algorithm, in the practice of information processing.

Reza Md. Arif chose the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme as a launchpad to his career as a Business Intelligence Specialist at Infinityn International, Hungary.

The company is an outbound growth partner that extends enterprises’ marketing and sales teams. “We provide our clients with services that focus on a clear growth outcome; enhance and fast-track account-based growth strategies; and create qualified opportunities by combining human-and data-driven intelligence, ABM, and sales outreach.”

The open-minded, solution-focused specialist firmly believes in teamwork as a tool to strive for productivity and effectiveness. Reza is a Bangladeshi national with a global mindset who graduated, lived, and worked in Malaysia for 15 years, relocated to Budapest and kick-started a career in this fast paced industry.

His role entails him selecting, editing, and assigning the target accounts to the sales department; writing an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) handover in consideration of the information the Sales department collected via their prospecting journey; editing and uploading the target account lists and contacts into the database; cooperating with the sales department and helping them find information about their target accounts and contacts; summarising the findings obtained through online research to prepare the Sales Qualified Lead; and organising the database regarding the target accounts and contacts.

His previous experiences include working at Leo International school, as Learning, People, and Facilities Coordinator; Erican College, as College Facilitator; and Scicom (MSC) Bhd, as Customer Service Support Specialist

“The exciting experience I have gathered at Limkokwing University enabled me to communicate with people from different nationalities. I strongly believe that diversity is not about how we differ, it’s about embracing each other’s uniqueness. Hence, I greatly appreciate the multicultural environment at Limkokwing University.”

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