Roozbeh Saadati: Taking the design world by storm

The idea, the planning, and the technical development of the objects that surround us are the responsibility of industrial designers – the chair you are sitting on as you read this post, the watch you are wearing, the last car you entered, and the handle you used to open the door to the room you are currently in. Any product that is produced through industry is marketed and serves a purpose to our environment needs to be designed.

Drawing and making sculptures has been part of Roozbeh Saadati’s childhood. “The moment my father saw my passion in this field, he encouraged me and provided me with drawing papers and clays so I could continue learning on my own at the age of 2.” 

Today, the Iranian born works as a 3D Modeller and a Graphic Designer in an Advertising agency named Flawless in Milan, Italy. The company aims to become the number one Lifestyle brand in Milan, promoting the best restaurants, hotels, spas, etc – a one-stop avenue.

“My role is to help them achieve this goal by creating 2D/3D animations, designing logos, and coming up with branding for their clients to attract more customers,” he says.

Roozbeh has been working on a series of animations that involves the 3D modelling of the ancient ruins in Iran featuring a human character (with Persian features and characteristics) who will walk through the historic landmarks from thousands of years ago. “So, I’m super excited about those and can’t wait to finish them.”

One of his favourite projects that he worked on was Project HOMA. “It is probably one of my favourites as it was quite challenging to design a complex logo with Golden Ratio. That, and the transition from a 2D logo to a 3D holographic logo, made it one of the greatest projects that I’ve ever worked on.” 

Roozbeh studied the Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and his “experience in Limkokwing University was probably one of the best things that could ever happen” to him. “The freedom that I had while studying and the people who I met there definitely changed my life for the better,” he adds.

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