Sami Abuzarifa: A rising serial entrepreneur

Once upon a time, an MBA was a requirement for those looking to secure executive management positions. Today, it is a choice – a good one. The careers of Sheryl Sandberg, Indra Nooyi, Melinda Gates, and Tim Cook prove this.

These industry leaders have worked tirelessly to better the world through philanthropy, public advocacy, green initiatives and more. Tomorrow’s generation of leaders are encouraged to do the same.

Sami Abuzarifa knew the path he had to take in order to fulfil his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, so he enrolled for the MBA in Communication and Public Relations programme. The programme teaches students to adapt to a new environment and develop relevant solutions fit for new scenarios.

Another important component of the programme is its focus on developing soft skills and abilities to cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and working styles. For Sami, the exchanges with his peers, professors and guest speakers played a huge part in his learning trajectory at Limkokwing University.

“During my studies in Limkokwing, I met many awesome people and formed amazing friendships. Friends who motivated me and pushed me to pursue my dreams,” he shares. Sami’s first work experience in Malaysia was at Xhai Studios, a software and gaming startup which he co-founded with his friends at the university.

“I have worked on many different projects,” Sami says. At Xhai studios, he learned a great deal about the industry through networking with other entrepreneurs and founders. Today, Sami is the co-founder and CEO of Tira.

Tira enables companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to be more productive through their innovative one-stop workspace. The company has one mission: to turn doers into winners and small teams into impactful giants.

“We are helping communities in different countries and industries to do more with our platform. We are forming partnerships with NGOs and immigrant entrepreneurial associations to help them create a better future for themselves,” Sami shares.

“I’m aiming for Tira to be the ultimate productivity workspace for all teams. I would like people to know how intuitive, simple, and affordable our platform is. It can be an alternative for slack, notion, trello and calendar – all combined”, he adds.


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