Sara Moeti: Designing the future of branding

Sara Moeti flew from Syria to Malaysia to pursue her everlasting dream of becoming a graphic designer. Thus, she applied for the Bachelor of Design (Hons) Professional design (visual communication) programme at Limkokwing University.

Limkokwing university nurtures such a global environment. Being there always felt like the big world was squeezed into a small place. There were so many cultures which allowed me to meet many different people,” she shares.

Upon graduating from the Bachelor of Design (Hons) Professional design (visual communication) programme , she landed a job at AAKKAA Creative Boutique, a creative studio that was born in 2012 in Saudi Arabia providing design and advertising services. “When I initially joined AAKKAA, it was a startup run by a talented graphic designer. I was the second employee, and now I am one of the main graphic designers in the company,” she says.

AAKKAA is a branding and social media specialised studio with a mission to not only build brands, but relationships too. The owner of the Studio has always been unconventional. This is seen through the brands she develops, making them stand out by studying the clients and delivering their vision in her artistic way. “Most of our clients are high-end business developers,” Sara adds.

One of her favourite projects is managing a social media account for a passionate bastries baker. “I really enjoy creating each post for her business because she has such a great and honest vision which makes me ecstatic and excited to be part of her creation through the visuals I design,” Sara says.

“My second home Saudi Arabia is going through a huge development move. We are trying to ride the wave and be at the top of it by creating timeless designs and bringing different ideas to the market,” she says.

Sara is looking forward to being one of a kind in the graphic design world. And soon enough, to start her own business. “Investing in branding is vital. This is where a valuable idea turns into reality using custom made templates catered to each brand.”


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