Sarmad Hasan: A rising storyteller

Sarmad Hasan has always been fascinated by documentary filmmaking. “I remember watching breathtaking documentaries on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, thinking what a cool concept it is to be paid to tell stories nobody’s uncovered before,” he shares. This was where Sarmad’s love story with storytelling began.

“This fervour for documentary filmmaking drove me to diversify my skill set, encompassing the fields of research and script writing, film production, photojournalism, film editing and animation,” Sarmad adds.

Today, he works as a Communication Strategist at Wordsmith – a creative agency that juxtaposes contemporary creative design with the core tenets of effective digital communication. Wordsmith aims to do work that is impactful while striving for creativity. Sarmad leads the content and production departments of the organisation.

Sarmad’s first role at Wordsmith was as a Digital Content Strategist for The Coca-Cola Company’s Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability division in Pakistan. “I was responsible for the digital communication strategies that were in line with their sustainability goals in the country,” he says.

The Pakistani national studied the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Broadcasting & Journalism at Limkokwing University. “My education at Limkokwing gave me the tools to build a solid foundation that enabled me to enter the burgeoning communications workforce in Pakistan,” Sarmad shares. 

Sarmad is also currently working on a project as a Production Manager for one of the largest telecom providers in Pakistan. While he has made many documentaries throughout the course of his career, Sarmad tells us that he has never done anything of this magnitude before.

“Watching a creative vision come to life in one of the most tangible audio-visual ways possible is satisfying, and I’m enjoying every minute of it,” Sarmad shares.

Previously, Sarmad was one of the core strategists that organised the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour in Pakistan. “My team and I successfully achieved a reach of 44 million on digital media worldwide for the FIFA Trophy Tour in Pakistan,” he says.

While the list of Sarmad’s achievements goes on, his very own production company, Melisma, tops it off. “I’ve had the privilege of Directing and Producing documentaries and corporate videos for some of the most reputable organisations in the country,” he shares. 

The latest project Sarmad is working on is Pakistan’s first ever native mainstream video game where he leads as the Producer. He will be assisted by a couple of ex-Microsoft Studio’s Gameplay Engineers, as well as a Guiness Book of World Record holder as his lead Concept Artist.



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