Yazan Al Assadi: Managing, producing and creating inspiring films

From a young age, Yazan Al Assadi has always shown signs of passion for film and acting. Unlike his peers at school who would opt to play games or watch cartoons during their free time, Yazan would rather watch movies. So his parents enrolled him in a summer camp where he first discovered his acting skills.

“I had my first role in the well-known Syrian TV show “Boka’at Dawo” (Spotlight) in 2005. After that, I got a few smaller roles on Syrian TV then and started to shoot and edit the videos until I got enough experience to start my role as a director,” Yazan says.

Yazan studied the Bachelor of Art (Hons) Digital Film and Television programme at Limkokwing University. Today, he is the Film Director, Producer, and Co-founder at Flick – a creative agency that manages, produces and creates all your content and digital platforms fully, creatively, passionately done in-house.

Flick was Founded in 2020 by the media pioneer Mohamad Mardini and its co-founder Yazan. The Flick team gathers industry-leading specialists hand picked from across the globe combining innovation and imagination to serve you out of this world products.

Throughout his career, Yazan has managed a varied group of creatives who all contribute in the media production process, including photographers, designers, content creators, videographers, editors, and many more. “One of the many values of Flick is our constant endeavour to raise the name of our country high and represent it the best by spreading the creativity in the whole world,” he says.

One of his biggest achievements was producing the “Sing in the Sky” TV shows as it aired on an Arabic TV Channel and other online platforms. He also produced some commercials for some of the most prestigious companies globally such as Buggati and Jetex. Not forgetting the documentary he produced in Malaysia with Limkokwing University called ‘Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli’ which was screened in more than 20 film festivals and won more than 12 international awards.

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