Zuhair Nashed: Mapping his path to becoming one of the most influential in property development

Zuhair Nashed built an impeccable track record of his career through working for several organisations in diverse fields immediately after graduating from Malaysia’s Most Globalised University.

Hailing from Syria, Zuhair settled in Saudi Arabia and works at Emaar - the Economic City (EEC) which is a leading public joint stock company in Saudi Arabia as a Property Advisor.

Acclaimed as the master developer of King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) which is one of the largest and most significant economic projects managed by the private sector in the Middle East, Emaar, the Economic City (EEC) does real estate development in private economic zones including modernisation of infrastructures, promotion, marketing and sale of land parcels owned by the company, through development services or proprietary sale to third parties to mention a few.

Currently, KAEC project is aimed at being a major contributor to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and a great enabler of socio-economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and comprises of the Industrial Valley, King Abdullah Port, and Unique City Living Experience (Real Estate Development).

Zuhair credits the successful launch of his career from when he was studying Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia at Limkokwing University.

“It is significant to mention that I kicked off professional career from Limkokwing University and contributed for blossoming for invaluable four years from 2010 to 2014. I was affiliated with marketing department as a marketing executive for International Market Development and represented the company globally in countries such as countries Oman, Yemen, KSA, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Sudan. I believe the job scope has broadened my sphere and provided me with many opportunities. Limkokwing University provided a vital environment to manifest skill and abilities pragmatically. It helped me groom holistically and shaped my personality in a way which is prerequisite to be an outstanding professional.”

The most exciting project for Zuhair is working in the sales support department of Emaar. “It is important for a company to have a sound sales support function. It helps the development and success of the company through expanding the business, increasing sales, and generating more revenue. For me, it’s imperative to apply theoretically learnt principles pragmatically during work. I prefer to carry out specialised tasks rather than generalised work because it escalates the efficiency of the organisation.”

Some of Zuhair’s proudest achievements include working in collaboration with Malaysian universities to conduct scholarship programmes to financially assist Syrian youth – he was awarded ‘The Maestro of Promoting Malaysian Universities to Syria’ by the Syrian Embassy.

“On another venture, we have been invited to come to Sudan to conduct seminars with students who wanted to pursue higher studies. I have interviewed about 100 students, and 25 were given scholarships. This noble contribution to the community was cherished at multiple platforms. The national TV of Sudan invited me for an interview, and it was not less than a privilege. It ultimately invigorated the positive motivation to give back to the society, and I am extremely proud of myself for these achievements.”

On his final word giving advice to those who are looking to build successful careers he said, “Opportunities are always looking for ready people. Grab any opportunity to work because it a chance to improve skills and makes you hot to trot. I advise to never miss any opportunity to work that comes your way. I never refused any offer because I took it as an opportunity to bring out my potential and enhance skills.”

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